Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Cards 2009

I never really know what to do with all of the Christmas card pictures that we get each year. I want to keep them (I have a ton in a box) or display them somehow. I was looking at Laura's blog which is one of my favorites and she had this idea. GENIOUS!! So clever she is. I ordered some true fit folio's from CTMH and got started. I used some old Basic Grey Blizten collection that I had. I just found it in my last weekend's big scrapbook purge.
Here is the front. It is our Christmas picture for this year.

Here is the inside:

And the back:

Sorry the pictures are not that great. The sun decided to hide again today. It came out for a day or so and then left again. (BOO!)

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laura vegas said...

LOVE this cindee! and that made me feel so good, to know that you liked the idea and actually used it! people always say they like the ideas ... but i never see if anyone actually does them very often. lol!