Sunday, February 10, 2013

Project Life caught up for now

Caught up for now.

Right side
 Left side

Project Life January into February

Right side
 Insert with funeral program

Left side: still need to get a few snapshots of Jeremy in his new letterman jacket. I tucked the receipt in the protector for now.

Project Life catching up

This is the right side (under the Wicked insert).

Project Life more inserts

More inserts from Annie, Jr. production, cast photo and news paper article about #7 Colin Kaepernick who is from our hometown.

Top photo: insert of playbill from the production Wicked that I saw with a friend, Beth in SF.

Project Life page 6

Back side of 6x12 insert and 12x12 page with headshot from production:

Project Life pages 5 & insert

6x12 insert of photos and the playbill from Zane's play, Annie, Jr.

Project Life Pages 3 & 4